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Learn simple ideas and strategies tailored for pastors, leaders, and committed congregants who are ready to end the confusion on how and why we do church.

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Elevate your church's potential with a dedicated coach. Learn how to invest in simple success with tailored coaching for a thriving church.COMING SOON

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CHURCH made simple coaching


No church is built the same. Let me help you customize ideas and strategies that will kill confusion in your church.

let's face it...

Running a church can get messy, especially when your strategy is to copy and paste what another church is doing. It's time to shake off the mess and bring in some simplicity for a more effective and enjoyable church life.

25 years of ministry experience

why a coach matters

In the world of great athletes, communicators, executives, and top-notch organizations, coaching is the secret sauce. A coach is your guide to success, offering valuable experience to navigate your unique journey. Rather than dictating a one-size-fits-all approach, the right coach asks insightful questions to unveil simple strategies that lead to the results you desire.With over 25 years of ministry experience, from janitor to Lead Pastor, I'm here to assist. Let's identify the areas causing confusion in your church and work together to simplify your path to accomplishing your mission and vision.

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Pick which plan works best for your team.

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I'll provide a plan of action during coaching sessions with your team.


Remote coaching is perfect for ongoing support with you or your team.




The annual plan is a 12-month commitment and offers a 16% discount.

On-location coaching

A comprehensive experience for 2 days with your team, right at your church.


This price is only for churches within the continental United States and is all-inclusive.

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On-Location Coaching FAQ

Q: Can we negotiate on the price?
A: No. I believe the value you receive is more than the price reflects.

Q: What if we need to change the scheduling?
A: Schedule changes will need to be agreed upon by both parties. If travel accommodations do not allow for scheduling changes, then it will not be allowed.

Q: Do you offer refunds?
A: Once payment is made, no refunds will be processed.

Q: Who can I include in these sessions?
A: Anyone from your team that you'd like!

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